X2000- Sweden

The first high-speed tilting train, X2000, was delivered to SJ (Swedish State Railways) during 1990 for service on the Stockholm - Gothenburg route.

Travelling time for this route was reduced by more than 25 percent only with minor upgrading of the infrastructure. Today, X 2000 trains are running in revenue service on most major lines in Sweden with similar results.

The key to increased speeds lie in the radially self-stearing bogies whereby track forces are reduced, allowing a substantial increase in operating speed on straight track and up to 50 percent higher speed through curves. Microprocessor-controlled, active passenger car tilting technology assures passenger comfort in curves.

The X 2000 is capable of meeting a wide range of traffic needs. Standard train configurations are a power car and four, five or six passenger coaches including a buffet car and a driving trailer. With two power cars and 16 passenger coaches the train can carry up to 1600 passengers.

A Chinese version of the X 2000, called Xinshisu, has been in service since 1998




89,000 mm (4-car unit)
165,000 mm (6-car unit)


3,080 mm

Max. Speed

210 km/h

Seated Passengers


x2000-trainset with powerhead-techdraw