V300ZEFIRO - Italy

In September 2010 Bombardier was awarded by the Italian railway operator Trenitalia to deliver 50 V300ZEFIRO trainsets (400 cars). The V300ZEFIRO is the first train in Europe based on Bombardier’s ZEFIRO high speed trains platform. 

Developed together with a strategic partner, the V300ZEFIRO meets all the latest TSI requirements of the most European countries. Thanks to its multi-voltage technology the V300ZEFIRO will be a train that knows no frontiers and with a commercial speed of up to 360 kph it is also one of the fastest trains in Europe. The V300ZEFIRO  comes in eight-car and 16-car configurations. The eight-car train can seat up to 600 passengers and has a bistro or restaurant while the 16-car train can seat up to 1,200 passengers and comes with dining facilities.

The sophisticated aerodynamic solution, the energy saving technologies and the exceptional level of comfort for the passengers make the V300ZEFIRO a solution in the vanguard for the mobility of the next future.

Watch the Frecciarossa 1000 video (on Youtube)