Diesel Multiple Unit TALENT Class 643.2 - Germany

DB Regionalbahn Rheinland GmbH (Euregiobahn, Aachen Transport Authority) ordered 26 two-car Diesel Multiple UnitsTALENT Class 643.2 in December 2000. As part of the TALENT family, the vehicle is characterized by an attractive design and a high level of riding comfort. Wide doors and low-floor entries on a platform level height of 800 mm enable rapid and safe passenger exchange. The two-car TALENT also has a multi-purpose area providing adequate space for bicycles, prams and wheelchairs. The vehicles are equipped with train protection systems for both Germany and the Netherlands and operate in cross-border services.

Operator DB Regionalbahn Rheinland GmbH
Length 34,610 mm (2-car unit)
Width 2,925 mm
Max. Speed 120 km/h
Seated Passengers 96
Standees 110 (4 pass/m2)
talent-diesel multiple unit-techdraw