SPACIUM commuter train - Ile-de-France

The SPACIUM commuter train is a swift, flexible vehicle designed to provide maximum seating capacity, superior passenger comfort, improved access, and an attractive interior design.

The cars feature:

 Comfortable, spacious interiors

  • Cars are 3.06 m wide, a feat achieved by using 13.24 m short cars. Cars also feature five aligned seats that measure 490 mm at shoulder height, arm-rests, head-rests, and a spacious aisle.

 High capacity

  • Based on the train's interior and the number of cars, between 800 and 1,000 passengers can be accommodated, over half of whom are seated.

 Superior access

  • Large vestibules, combined with wide doors and gangways, provide excellent access for travellers and improve passenger flow. The train's entrance is positioned to match 920 mm high platforms, with end-cars accessible to wheelchairs from 920 mm high platforms.

 Striking interior design

  • Panoramic windows and large gangways create a transparent and open atmosphere. Meanwhile, a modernized design offers smooth curves, vivid colours, and LED-based colour-changing lighting.

 Flexibility and speed

  • SPACIUM can be adapted to meet the length of platforms with seven and eight car versions and features electric dual-voltage propulsion (1.5 kV DC and 25 kV AC). The trains can travel at a speed of 140 kilometres per hour.

Operator SNCF Transilien
    7-car trainset
    8-car trainset

94,300 mm
112,500 mm
Width 3,060 mm
Max. Speed 140 km/h
Seated Passengers
     7-car trainset
     8-car trainset

     7-car trainset
     8-car trainset

468 (4 pass/m²)
552 (4 pass/m²)
spacium-electric multiple unit-paris-techdraw