Metro R142 – New York, USA

In 2003, Bombardier completed delivery on one of the largest rail manufacturing projects ever carried out in North America --- 1,030 R142 stainless steel, rapid transit cars for MTA New York City Transit. These cars have earned a reputation for being comfortable, cost-efficient and highly reliable, with a record that consistently exceeds customer expectations.

The R142 cars, which are customized to New York City Transit specifications, represent some of the most advanced in-service systems for AC propulsion and dynamic braking, trucks, friction brakes, doors, and on-board diagnostics, status and communications systems. The cars also feature advancements in passenger comfort and safety, such as digital electronic signage, an automatic public announcement system, an emergency passenger intercom system connected to the operator, and a sophisticated climate control system.


MTA New York City Transit

Carbody Material

Stainless Steel


15,650 mm / 51' 4''


2,620 mm / 8' 7 3/16''

Max. Speed

106 km/h / 66 mph

Seated Passengers

34 (A car)/40 (B car)


142 (A car)/148 (B car)

r142-metro-new york-techdraw