MultiLevel Coaches - New Jersey and Maryland, USA & Montreal, Canada

The MultiLevel coach features upper and lower seating levels, as well as a spacious intermediate level at each end of the car -making the coach truly “multi-level.”

Developed with extensive input from NJ TRANSIT customers and employees, the state-of-the-art, stainless steel MultiLevel coach offers new levels of capacity, comfort and convenience.  Each MultiLevel coach has 15-30% more seating capacity than a typical single-level car, yet is specially designed to meet the infrastructure constraints of certain rail networks, such as those posed by tunnels.

In service since 2006, the MultiLevel coach provides a two-by-two seating configuration that eliminates the middle seat found on many single-level vehicles.  Other comfort features include specially designed seats with improved lumbar support, and more leg room, knee room and seat width than found in conventional coaches.

Large side doors located at the intermediate level provide accessibility from both high and low level platforms, and wider aisles facilitate passenger boarding and alighting.  Automated public address systems and LED destination screens keep passengers informed.

Today, over 600 MultiLevel coaches are in operation at NJ TRANSIT, the Maryland Transit Administration and the Agence Metropolitaine de Transport of Montréal.


Length over couplers 25,908 mm / 85’ 0"
Width over threshold 3,048 mm  / 10’ 0"
Maximum service speed 160 km/h / 100 mph
Seated Passengers 127 (cab car)
142 (trailer car)
132 (trailer car with rest room)
multilevel-double-deck coach-new york-montreal-techdraw