MOVIA Metro – Singapore Downtown line

The Bombardier MOVIA metro vehicles for the Singapore Downtown Line (DTL) are able to operate under a fully automated mode and have high capacity aluminium carbodies developed from a standardised platform, ensuring a high degree of reliability, safety and low life-cycle cost. The vehicles are environmentally-friendly through the use of the latest propulsion technology with low energy consumption, optimised performance and are also up to 90% recyclable. Integration of industry-leading BOMBARDIER ECO4 technologies, including regenerative braking and an intelligent air-conditioning system – contribute to energy savings.

The new fleet of 264 fully automated MOVIA metro cars will run underground on the world’s longest driverless mass rapid transit line that is 42km long. The DTL is projected to see a daily ridership of 500,000, thus further enhancing commuter mobility, and also helping promote a greener mode of transportation for Singapore.


Operator Land Transport Authority
Carbody Material Aluminium
Length 70,100 mm (3-car trains)
Width 3,200 mm
Max. Design Speed 90 km/h