MOVIA Metro – Line 7, 9 & 12, Shanghai, China

In November 2006, the joint venture Changchun Bombardier Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd (CBRC) was awarded by Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co. a contract to supply 306 MOVIA metro cars for Shanghai Line 9. The new trains comply with and exceed the requirements of the Chinese National Standard for A-type metros. The MOVIA vehicles, with an aluminum carbody, are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art MITRAC propulsion and control technology.

In May 2007, CBRC won an additional order for 192 MOVIA metro cars for Shanghai Line 7, and in 2009, another 246 cars for Line 12 of Shanghai’s metro network. The latest order brings the total number of metro cars supplied to Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co. to 1,122 and is a further testimony to Bombardier’s longstanding and successful relations in China.


Operator Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co.
Carbody Material Aluminium
Length 139,980 mm
Width 3,000 mm
Max. Speed 80 km/h
Seated Passengers 288
Standees 310 (6 pass/m2)