MOVIA Metro – Delhi, India

In June 2007, Bombardier Transportation was awarded a contract by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (DMRC) to supply 340 MOVIA metro cars in 4, 6 and 8-car trainset configuration for operation on the extended Delhi Metro network. In March 2008 and July 2010, DMRC exercised the options for additional 84 and 114 MOVIA metro cars. In 2011, another 76 cars were ordered, bringing the total number of metro cars ordered to 614 cars.

High capacity MOVIA vehicles reduce the daily travel time for around 4 million passengers, alleviating the heavy traffic congestion and pollution caused by more than one million cars that commute in New Delhi every day. The trains provided effective public transport during the 2010 Commonwealth Games that was held in New Delhi, home to almost 16 million people. Bombardier CITYFLO mass transit signalling technology was also provided for the same customer, increasing frequency and availability of services.

Metro Delhi Datasheet (PDF)

Operator Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd
Carbody Material Stainless Steel
Length (4-cars consist) 89,680 mm
Width 3,200 mm
Max. Speed 85 km/h
Seated Passengers (4-, 6- and 8-cars consists) 184, 284 and 384
Standees  (8 passengers/m2) 1,296, 1,956 and 2,616