Metro – Mexico City, Mexico

Bombardier, as part of a consortium with CAF, has manufactured 405 rubber tired subway cars for Sistema de Transporte Colectivo-Metro (STC), the Mexico City subway. The 45 trainsets, consisting of nine cars each, operate on STC's Line 2, which carries approximately one million passengers per day.

Bombardier Transportation in Mexico was responsible for the manufacturing, testing and commissioning of 28 trainsets, and for the design and production of 810 rubber-tired bogies. The carshells and train designs have been developed jointly with CAF.

Operator Sistema de Transporte Colectivo
Carbody Material LAHT steel
Length 150.52 m
Width 2.52 m
Max. Speed 80 km/h
Seated Passengers 36
Standees 126
metro-mexico city-techdraw