INTERFLO 450 & 250 - Trafikverket, Sweden

Bombardier Transportation received a contract from Trafikverket to supply an INTERFLO 450 ERTMS Level 2 solution for Hyllie and Triangeln (the Citytunnel) and an INTERFLO 250 ERTMS Level 1 solution for Malmö Central Interim solution with legacy ATC-2 wayside system until all installations on trains for the region are ready.

Central and Citytunnel, Sweden has 14 km electrified double/multi track (6 km in tunnel and a 3 km multi track station)

The project involved rebuilding of the Malmö Central station and new stations at Triangeln and Hyllie. The system was ready for operation in December 2010, with additional stages completed in 2011. ERTMS will be commissioned earliest in 2014.

The solution comprises of the following:

  • EBI Lock 950 computer based interlocking systems
  • EBI Com
  • System updates in existing Traffic Management Centre
  • 74 Object controller cabinets
  • 600 Euro Balises (+900 SerialBalises in ATC-2 solution)
  • 334 Signal points, 93 points/derailers