INNOVIA APM 100 – Tampa International Airport, USA

When it opened in 1971, Tampa International Airport became the first airport to incorporate a fully automated people mover system. From the beginning, Bombardier's system met the airport's criteria for performance and reliability. During its many years of operation, Tampa International has repeatedly been named "Best Airport in America" based on passenger convenience surveys.

Originally, the fleet consisted of eight INNOVIA APM 100 vehicles. In the mid-1990's, these vehicles were replaced after performing at peak efficiency for almost 25 years. Today, a fleet of 16 INNOVIA APM 100 vehicles links the airport's Landside Terminal with four airside satellites.

Until the innovative design of Tampa International, airports increased capacity by spreading out, an approach that extended distances between parking facilities, ticketing areas and boarding gates. The airside and landside concept, linked by a reliable people mover system, eliminated the long walking distances for airport passengers.

Contract Type Full Turnkey
System Length 1.5 km (0.9 mi.)
Number of Stations 8
Start of Revenue Service 1971
Fleet Size 16 INNOVIA APM 100 vehicles
innovia apm 100-automated people mover-tampa-sysmap