INNOVIA APM 100 – San Francisco International Airport, USA

At San Francisco International Airport, the launch of the SFO AirTrain in March 2003 marked the first application of the CITYFLO 650 technology. In its first month of operation, system availability averaged an unprecedented 99.55 percent.

Bombardier is operating and maintaining the two-line INNOVIA APM 100 automated people mover system, which serves nine stations along 10 kilometres (6 miles) of elevated guideway. SFO AirTrain connects all the airport's terminals, parking garages, rental car centre and the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station.

Operating every 2½-minutes, the round-trip time for the people mover's Rental Car Center loop is 19 minutes, while travelling around the terminal loop takes just nine minutes. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly, the electrically powered people movers are the only connection to the rental car centre.


Bombardier Scope of Work Full Turnkey
System Length-total 4 lines 10 km (6 mi.)
Number of Stations 9
Start of Revenue Service 2003
Fleet Size 38 INNOVIA APM 100 vehicles
innovia apm 100-automated people mover-san francisco-sysmap