Electric Multiple Unit ICE T - Germany

A consortium of companies led by Bombardier Transportation and composed of the partners Bombardier Transportation, Siemens and Fiat, has supplied ICE T electrical multiple units to German Rail (DB AG). As a part of German Rail's future ICE fleet, these ICE T trains are specially assigned to operate on the high-curvature lines of the existing electrified network. Through the use of tilting technology higher speeds can be achieved whilst going around curved sections which result in journey time reductions of up to 20% whilst significantly improving the ride comfort for the passengers. The train concept is modular and permits the formation of 5- to 7-car units whereby up to three units can be coupled together. The top speed of these vehicles is 230 kph. The ICE T is a multiple unit train which means the traction equipment is distributed over the full length of the train, it is possible to obtain a higher acceleration as well as lower adhesion coefficient. The extensive under-floor electrical equipment makes for considerably more efficient  and  more generous space utilisation for passengers

Operator DB AG
Length 185,000 mm (7-car unit)
136,000 mm (5-car unit)
Width 2,850 mm
Max. Speed 230 km/h
Seated Passengers 382 (7-car unit)
251 (5-car unit)
ice t-electric multiple unit-techdraw