FLEXITY Outlook – Lodz, Poland

A total of 15 BOMBARDIER FLEXITY Outlook trams are being delivered to the transport authority of Lodz (MPK). The vehicles for Linz (Austria) served as an example for the design of the 100% lowfloor tram which offers stepless interior while using conventional wheel-set bogies. With the modular FLEXITY Outlook vehicle concept the operator enjoys the benefits of reduced life-cycle costs. The driver and the passengers are well protected by proven safety features as well as by a buffer load of 40 t. Passenger comfort and easy access onto the vehicle for everyone were some of the main priorities of the interior design. The FLEXITY Outlook tram commenced revenue service in Lodz at the beginning of 2002 – consequently it is the first 100% low-floor tram in operation in Poland.


MPK Lodz


29,500 mm


2,300 mm

Max. Speed

70 km/h

Minimum Horizontal Curve Radius

17 m

Maximum Gradient


% Low Floor


Seated Passengers

58 + 1 tip-up seat


99 (4 pass/m2)