FLEXITY Outlook – Brussels, Belgium

The Brussels transport authority (STIB) commissioned Bombardier to develop and manufacture 170 bidirectional trams of the FLEXITY Outlook type. The order entails 19 "long" trams consisting of seven modules and 151 "short" trams consisting of five modules. STIB ordered two different tram lengths in order to respond to the various needs in passenger volumes on the different lines. The contract also includes the overhaul of the vehicles' bogies and traction equipment for a period of 15 years.

The FLEXITY Outlook trams for Brussels are based on a proven technology which features 100% low-floor interior and conventional wheel-set bogies. This results in better and more running stability and improved passenger comfort. A lot of attention was paid to the safety of both the driver and the passengers: the front module resists to a buffer load of 40 tons and the steel structure of the frame has been pulled up to the sidewalls of the tram to protect the passengers in case of collisions along the side of the vehicle. The FLEXITY Outlook concept with its wide doors and integral low-floor ensures easy accessibility to the vehicle for passengers with limited mobility.

The modern industrial design look is a contemporary interpretation of the “Art Nouveau” style. The vehicle’s attractive appearance is based on noble materials, an elegant colour scheme and functional user-friendly details.


Operator STIB
Length 32 / 43.4 m
Width 2.3 m
Max. Speed 70 km/h
Minimum Horizontal Curve Radius 15 m
Maximum Gradient 75‰
% Low Floor 100%
Seated Passengers 50 / 74
Standees 128 / 176 (4 pass/m²)