FLEXITY Outlook – Augsburg, Germany

Bombardier is to supply the Bavarian city of Augsburg with 24 comfortable FLEXITY Outlook 100 % low floor trams. Following in the footsteps of several European cities, Augsburg is the first German town to opt for the well-established FLEXITY Outlook design. Conventional wheelset bogies and an entirely stepless interior with 100 % low floors give the trams particularly quiet handling characteristics and enable passengers to get on and off easily.

Finished in the corporate colours of the Stadtwerke Augsburg Verkehrs-GmbH, the new trams have a particularly clean and timeless design with wide window areas that make them very well lit. Broad double-doors and flat entrances ensure that passengers can get on and off easily and swiftly. The 40 metre long trams have room for 228 passengers, and there is plenty of space for prams and wheelchairs in the two spacious multi-purpose areas.


Operator Stadtwerke Augsburg Verkehrs GmbH
Length 40,600 mm
Width 2,300 mm
Max. Speed 70 km/h
Minimum Horizontal Curve Radius 17.5 m
Maximum Gradient 110‰
% Low Floor 100%
Seated Passengers 85
Standees 143 (4 pass/m²)