High speed Train CRH1 – China

In October 2004, 40 trains of eight cars each were ordered by the Chinese Ministry of Railways (MOR). The CRH1 has been developed to high standards of quality and performance and specifically for the requirements of the Chinese high speed sector, with capacity of 670 seats in 8 cars, including a bistro area.  With a long, extra-wide carbody and a 2 + 3 seating arrangement, the trains provide adequate seating for peak services. Running at an operational speed of 220 km/h, the CRH1 has been successfully tested at 250 km/h and has high levels of reliability - covering an average distance of 500,000 km per year. Locally produced at Bombardier’s joint venture site in Qingdao, Bombardier Sifang (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd (BST) (former BSP: Bombardier Sifang Power (Qingdao) Transportation Ltd), the first vehicles of the CRH1 series were delivered in 2006- just 26 months after signing the contract - with almost 35 trains currently in service.