Electric Multiple Unit - Brisbane, Australia

Queensland Rail (QR) is increasing capacity on their urban commuter network in order to keep pace with increasing passenger demand. Two different configurations of vehicles will provide urban and longer distance interurban services.

For both configurations, the same vehicle platform will be used. The urban variant will feature a higher volume seating configuration; the interurban variant will feature longer distance style seating and the provision of toilet facilities. The vehicles are stainless steel, air conditioned and run on narrow gauge tracks with 25 kV propulsion.

These vehicles are the latest generation of narrow gauge trains in Australia, and have been developed from a service proven portfolio of vehicles now in service in both Perth and Brisbane. Supplied as three-car sets, both variants can be coupled to form six-car sets.


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Contract awarded November 2004
Operator Queensland Rail (QR)
Length (over couplers) 72,420 mm
Width 2,740 mm
Max. Speed 130 km/h
Seated Passengers 227 (interurban)
248 (suburban)
Track gauge 1,067 mm
electric multiple unit-brisbane-techdraw