Electric Multiple Unit – Adelaide, Australia

Designed specifically for the electrification of Adelaide’s metropolitan passenger rail network, the A-City 25kV EMUs combine strong technical pedigree with state of the art technology and bold styling. The A-City brings a new level of quality, comfort, and reliability to the people of Adelaide.

This Australian Good Design Award winning train was built locally to meet the harsh conditions of South Australia, the A-City combines two of Australia’s best rail vehicles, known for their performance and reliability - the Perth ‘B’ Series EMU and the Good Design Award winning VLocity DMU. From these proven platforms, all characteristics have been optimised for Adelaide conditions, resulting in a vehicle that is safe, stylish, and comfortable.

These high capacity trains feature a wide body with a slim side wall construction, thereby maximising interior space. Operating primarily as a permanently coupled three car set, a consist of six cars may be readily formed by the coupling of two sets.

Project summary:

  • Total Fleet Size ordered: 66 carriages
  • As a turnkey supplier, Bombardier’s scope includes the design, build, delivery and maintenance of the A-City EMU trains project
  • Bombardier has achieved 68%+ local content on the E-Class Trams Project


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