CITYFLO 650 - Shenzhen, China

Zhejiang Zheda Insigma Rail Transportation Engineering Co Ltd (Insigma) won a contract in 2008 with Shenzhen Metro No. 3 Line Investment Co Ltd. to implement the train control (signalling) system on the new metro line, connecting the north eastern suburban area of Shenzhen to the central district. Given the tight schedule and importance of meeting the revenue service date, Insigma selected Bombardier as the preferred technology partner specifically because Bombardier CITYFLO 650 is a proven Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) rail solution which has been in revenue service since the beginning of 2002. Insigma was confident that the Bombardier project team would meet the challenging delivery schedule.

The Shenzhen Metro Line 3 project was divided into two phases; phase one which involved building 25km of track and 16 stations was completed on 28th December, 2010. Phase two was completed on 28th June, 2011 and consists of 18km of track and 14 stations. Completion of Line 3 will bring the total length of the metro network to 178km.