INNOVIA APM 200 – Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, USA

The INNOVIA APM 200 automated people mover system at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport opened in May 2005. Bombardier Transportation was the turnkey supplier and integrator of the 8 km (5 mi.) APM system that connects five terminals. When it opened, the ‘Skylink’ was the largest airport people mover system in the world. The system uses Bombardier’s CITYFLO 650 communications-based automatic train control technology, which delivers efficient and reliable system performance. Bombardier has maintained the system and fleet since 2005.

Project summary:

  • Skylink has a  fleet of 64 driverless INNOVIA APM vehicles
  • Two-car trains operate at two-minute intervals with an average passenger ride time of five minutes
  • The system was designed to have a peak-hour capacity of 5,000 passengers per hour per direction
  • Bombardier’s scope of work included the design and supply of the 64 INNOVIA vehicles, the automatic train control technology, power distribution, communications systems, platform screen doors; system integration and maintenance services