AVE S-102 - Spain

A total of 92 electric power cars for high-speed services on the normal gauge AVE Madrid - Barcelona - French border line were ordered by the Spanish state-operated railways RENFE from Bombardier as part of a consortium agreement with Talgo. The power cars offer high reliability and availability, plus favorable life-cycle costs.

The high-speed power cars were developed by Bombardier Transportation for Spain's 25 kV AC network and equipped with three-phase asynchronous propulsion technology and regenerative brakes. Aerodynamically optimized for the high-pressure waves and side winds experienced on high-speed services, they run on Flexifloat bogies. The maximum axle load is 17 metric tons

Operator RENFE
Length 20,870 mm
Width 2,960 mm
Max. Speed 330 km/h
Power Rating 4.0 MW
ave s-102-powerhead-techdraw