ALP-45DP - New Jersey Transit, USA

The BOMBARDIER ALP-45DP (dual-power) locomotive has been in successful operation for New Jersey Transit in the USA and the Canadian Agence Métropolitaine de Transport (AMT) since 2012 and can operate either using overhead electric lines, or in diesel-mode. The latest locomotive within the portfolio builds on the success of the ALP platform, which has been in operation since 2001 in the USA and in Canada since 2011.  

The benefits of the ALP dual-power locomotive are: 

  • A 'one seat ride:' Passengers can travel seamlessly using the same train across different routes, whether electrified, or non-electrified; 
  • Combines proven technology from Bombardier's locomotive portfolio, Easy for the driver to switch modes; 
  • Flexible operations across the US State of New Jersey. The new locomotive has transformed commuter travel around New York and Montreal with 35 locomotives in operation in New York and 20 in Montreal providing seamless connections on electrical and diesel routes.
Operator AMT, NJT
Length 21,800 mm
Width 2,950 mm
Weight 130.64 t
Max. Speed 200 km/h (Electric) 160 km/h (Diesel)
System voltage 25 kV/60 Hz, 12 kV/25 Hz, 12.5 kV/60 Hz
Number of traction motors 4