AGC Regional Train - France

The AGC (Autorail Grande Capacité) represents the new generation of regional trains designed to meet current needs regarding the development of urban and intercity rail transportation. Technologically innovative and powerful, it puts the client at the centre of the design process. The AGC is available in numerous versions. The seating capacity of the trains can range from 160 to 220 seats, depending on the number of cars. Modular interior design exists in the High Class and Intercity versions. The trains can run on either diesel fuel, electricity or hybrid.

The AGC will travel at 160 km per hour. Thanks to its articulated architecture, it sports wide carbodies and inter-circulation gangways, as well as a continuous low floor. These features provide excellent access for travellers, make it easier to move about in the trains and deliver greater comfort, visibility and security. The AGC not only meets the expectations of mass transit operators and users, but also respects environmental requirements and operating economics.

Hybrid AGC : the worlds first hybrid train

The hybrid AGC combines certain operating features for the first time ever in a train. Dual-mode (electrical and diesel) and dual-voltage (1500 and 25000 V) technology enables the Hybrid AGC to glide seamlessly across the entire railway network and to access electricity from any available source. This will result in energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions, as well as negating infrastructure constraints and the need for passengers to change trains.

Operator SNCF
Length 57,400 mm*
Width 2,950 mm
Max. Speed 160 km/h*
Seated Passengers 208*
Standees 200 (4 pass/m²)*

* 3-car electric multiple unit

agc-multiple unit-techdraw