High Speed Train Acela Express - United States

The high speed trainsets designed and manufactured under the control of Bombardier  for Amtrak are the fastest trains in North America. The eight-section Acela Express trains operate at speeds up to 150 mph along the Northeast Corridor between Washington, D.C., New York and Boston, with intermediate stops. Each trainset consists of power cars at the front and rear with a first class car, four coaches, and a café car in between, which is completely accessible to passengers with limited mobilityAdvanced tilt technology in the trailer car provides a smooth, quiet, comfortable ride. In addition the train is particularly energy efficient and environmentally friendly as a result of the facility for saving braking energy, so-called regenerative braking, 

Operator Amtrak
Length 203,000 mm - 665' 8 ¾'' (2 power cars & 6 coaches)
Width 3,175 mm - 10' 5' (power car)
3,162 mm - 10' 4½ ''(coaches)
Max. Speed 264 km/h - 150 mph
Seated Passengers 304 (6-car train)
acela express-trainset with powerhead-techdraw