Electric Multiple Unit Class 490 – Hamburg, Germany

In June 2013, Bombardier has won a contract from S-Bahn Hamburg GmbH to deliver 60 new commuter trains. They feature innovative technology, favorable energy consumption as well as low maintenance and repair costs for the operator. The three-car electric multiple units are characterized by their striking and dynamic exterior design. Thanks to the carbody’s optimized shaping, the trains do not require sliding steps for gap bridging. Valuable experience from the previous series has been incorporated in the development of the new S-Bahn trains. The result is a train with innovative technology combined with low energy consumption as well as low maintenance and servicing costs. For the first time the trains for Hamburg will be equipped with a compact air conditioning system. The heating system operates with an energy saving heat pump which uses waste heat from the traction equipment system to heat the passenger compartments.

Project summary:

  • Single-voltage trains with a maximum speed of 100 km/h are used on the urban S-Bahn network with 1,200 V DC
  • Dual-voltage trains operate at a maximum speed of up to 140 km/h on route extensions to the suburban regions at an alternating current of 15kV 16,7Hz
  • Low maintenance and repair costs 
  Single-Voltage Train
Dual-Voltage Train
Maximum speed 100 km/h 140 km/h
Voltage 1,200V DC 1,200V DC and 15 kV, 16,7Hz AC
Length over buffer 66 m
Width 3,014 mm
Height above TOR 3,760 mm
Seats 190 (172 regular and 18 tip-up seats)
Standing room 279 (when also using tip-up seats)