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TWINDEXX Express Double-deck Trains, Switzerland

Introducing a new generation of high speed, advanced technology double-deck trains that travel faster on existing tracks.

Our new TWINDEXX Express double-deck intercity train ramps up capacity and speed while providing greater operational efficiency and exceptional passenger comfort. It delivers a quantum leap forward in performance on curved tracks.

At the heart of this improvement lies our FLEXX Tronic WAKO system bogie technology, enabling faster acceleration through curves. The result is:

  • significantly shorter journey times
  • improved punctuality
  • reduced missed connections
  • more efficient and accurate timetabling
  • enhanced passenger satisfaction

Innovative roll compensation technology

Part of our FLEXX Tronic bogie platform, the FLEXX TronicWAKO system compensates for the natural roll movement of a carbody. Minimal tilting in curves maximizes passenger comfort and increases curve speeds by up to 15%.

This innovative system combines mechatronic technology and proven components. It allows trains to run at speed even on existing tracks, reducing the need for major infrastructure investments.

Incorporating ECO4 energy-saving technologies

Our TWINDEXX double-deckers integrate the following ECO4 technologies:

  • MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor
  • ThermoEfficient Climatisation System
  • Energy Management Control System

Together these technologies:

  • reduce energy consumption by 10%
  • improve train performance
  • cut CO2 emissions
  • lower lifecycle costs

Why choose TWINDEXX double-deckers:

  • Improved curve performance
  • Faster journey times and improved urban flow
  • Greater passenger capacity and comfort
  • Maximum car configuration flexibility
  • Ease of access for all passengers
  • Lower infrastructure and lifecycle costs

Two TWINDEXX models

Our TWINDEXX portfolio consists of two models of advanced double-deck trains:

  • TWINDEXX Express – This high speed intercity train travels at speeds of up to 230 kilometres per hour and is available in scalable formations from four to eight cars with a maximum 16-car formation. The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is our first TWINDEXX Express customer.
  • TWINDEXX Vario – This regional and long-distance train reaches speeds of up to 160 to 189 kilometres per hour. It can be used as diesel or electrical locomotive hauled double-deck units or in electrical multiple unit configuration. The Deutsche Bahn is our first TWINDEXX Vario customer, ordering 137 coaches along with 27 TRAXX P160 AC locomotives.

TWINDEXX Express chosen by Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

Public transportation in Switzerland is key and Swiss passengers demand the highest quality in rail travel. In June 2010, the SBB awarded us the largest rolling stock order in its history.

The SBB contract calls for us to supply 59 TWINDEXX double-deck trains (436 coaches) for intercity service. The contract includes options for more than 100 additional TWINDEXX trains.

The high speed TWINDEXX Express features:

  • FLEXX Tronic WAKO system system for shorter journey times
  • ThermoEfficient Climatisation System for reduced energy consumption
  • wide doors and illuminated stairs
  • generous seating in first and second classes
  • large luggage, bike and ski racks
  • on-board restaurant and family zones
  • wireless internet access
  • electronic customer information and emergency call systems
  • closed circuit television
  • air-conditioning

Operator Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)
Length 200,6 m (8-cars)
Width 2.800 mm
Max. Speed 200 km/h
Seated Capacity 625