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OMNEO Platform - France

Our innovative OMNEO train is the world’s first articulated double-deck Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) with alternating single and double-deck cars. As an operator, now you no longer have to compromise between capacity, accessibility and comfort.

Compared to conventional rail vehicles, this sustainable transport solution offers exceptional capacity and increased passenger comfort. It also provides excellent accessibility and, for the first time, visibility throughout the train.

Innovative single-deck/double-deck concept

OMNEO’s alternating single-deck and double-deck coaches serve different functions.

Single decks are dedicated to access and services, featuring wide doors, large vestibules and interior equipment such as toilets and bicycle areas. All technical equipment is mounted on the roof of the single deck cars to increase passenger space and comfort inside the train.

Double-deck coaches are designed for capacity and comfort. The lack of doors, toilets and traction equipment on these cars enhances thermal and acoustic comfort. Double-layer gangways also minimize ambient noise.

Increase capacity cost effectively

Building new tracks or extending platforms requires significant capital investment. The high capacity OMNEO train lets you ramp up capacity on existing infrastructure cost effectively. Compared to traditional double-deck trains, OMNEO’s extra-wide three-metre carbody delivers:

  • 4.8 seats per metre in 2+2 configuration for 15% additional capacity
  • 5.7 seats per metre in 2+3 configuration for 35% additional capacity

Full accessibility

OMNEO’s wide doors offer level entrances adaptable to platform heights of 550 to 920 millimetres to facilitate access for passengers in wheelchairs

Flexibility and speed

Our innovative OMNEO train concept is suitable for commuter, regional and intercity services. It offers an exceptional range of lengths from 81 to 135 metres, with the ability to add intermediate cars at any point in time. Each pair of cars increases capacity from 120 to 160 seats.

OMNEO’s interior layout also enables a capacity increase throughout the train’s lifetime. You can readily convert one of the regional layouts, with four seats in a row, into a high capacity commuter layout with five seats in a row.

Depending on your type of operation, maximum speed ranges between 140 km/h and 200 km/h.
Thanks to the use of lightened materials and the excellent weight distribution, the axle load is minimized. This creates flexibility for cross-border operation on all European networks.

Unmatched space and comfort

The extra-wide carbody of 2.99 metres, combined with the suppression of heating convectors, provides a spacious, comfortable interior. Passengers relax in extra-wide seats. Floor heating as well as minimum noise and vibrations further enhance comfort.

Visibility throughout the train

The train’s articulated architecture and panoramic windows provide full transparency, ensuring passengers feel safe and secure.

Environmentally friendly

The OMNEO EMU features several of our ECO4 technologies, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. These ECO4 technologies include

  • MITRAC Permanent Magnet Motor
  • ThermoEfficient Climatization System
  • AeroEfficient Optimized Train Shaping
  • Energy Management Control System

Lighter per passenger than previous generations of double-deck EMUs, the OMNEO is also made out of 95% recyclable materials.

Why choose the OMNEO train platform:

  • Exceptional capacity
  • Unrivalled passenger comfort
  • High versatility
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions

OMNEO serving French Regions

Nine French regions have ordered a total of 213 Regio 2N trains under a contract signed in 2010 with SNCF on behalf of the regions for a maximum of 860 trains. Orders per region are as follows: Aquitaine-Poitou-Charentes: 24 trains, Centre: 14 trains, Brittany: 21 trains, Hauts-de-France: 25 trains, Provence-Alpes-Côte d' Azur: 16 trains, Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne: 40 trains, Pays-de-la-Loire: 13 trains, Midi-Pyrénées-Languedoc Roussillon: 10 trains, and Ile-de-France : 42 trains.



Length 82.7 to 135.4 m

2,990 mm (double-deck cars)
3,050 mm (single-deck cars)

Max. Speed 140 km/h – 200 km/h
Seated Capacity 335 to 764 (depending of length and seating arrangement)
Total capacity (seated + standees) 650 to 1270 (depending of length and seating arrangement)
omneo-double-deck emu-techdraw