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MOVIA Metro – Bucharest, Romania

In January 2005, Bombardier received another order from Metrorex in Romania to supply 20 additional six-car MOVIA metros for the Bucharest Metro, followed by an additional order of six trains in January 2007. This brings the total number of MOVIA metro cars delivered by Bombardier to Metrorex to 264. The trains operate on lines 1, 2 and 3 of the Bucharest Metro. The production of bogies took place at Bombardier´s Siegen plant in Germany and the flat pack carbodies were produced in Bombardier´s Görlitz plant in Germany. The IGBT propulsion  was manufactured in Bombardier´s Västeras plant in Sweden. Final assembly of the trains was completed in Craiova, Romania by our local partner Electroputere.

The train consists of six cars with external sliding doors and flush-bonded glazing. Longitudinal seating and ample space for standees will give a total passenger carrying capacity of 1,200 persons per train at a normal load of four standees/m2.

Four out of six cars are powered, achieving excellent acceleration and braking performance. The new cars also provide an excellent working environment for drivers and maintenance personnel and fulfill high environmental requirements regarding energy consumption, choice of materials and recycling.


Operator Metrorex
Carbody Material Stainless Steel
Length 112,610 mm
Width 3,100 mm
Max. Speed 80 km/h
Seated Passengers 216
Standees 984 (4 pass/m2)