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Metro MF2000 – Paris, France

The 161 new Paris Metro units are an important step in the enhancing of RATP services in Paris. Providing passengers with swift and comfortable travel, the new cars will successively replace the existing rolling stock on the oldest part of the underground network: lines 2, 5 and 9.

The Paris MF2000 is a 5-car unit with a driver's cab at each end. The units offer an attractive design combined with high levels of comfort, security and reliability, and low noise. Passengers can move freely throughout the entire length of the train via wide gangways.

These new vehicles also provide an excellent working environment for the drivers and maintenance personnel and fulfil high environmental demands regarding energy consumption, choice of materials and recycling. A significant portion of the car equipment is controlled by on-board computers.

As part of this contract, Bombardier is responsible for the supply of 1,610 bogies, 805 cars and 322 driver cabs.

Operator RATP
Carbody Material Stainless steel
Length 75,738 mm (4-car train)
Width 2,370 mm
Max. Speed 70 km/h
Seated Passengers 92
Standees 489 (4 pass/m2)