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Project Name Country City
  • CITYFLO 250 - Stockholm, SwedenSwedenStockholm
  • CONTESSA Electric Multiple Unit - Denmark and SwedenDenmark, Sweden
  • FLEXITY Swift – Stockholm, Sweden SwedenStockholm
  • INTERFLO 150 - LKAB, SwedenSwedenKiruna
  • INTERFLO 150 - Malmbanan, SwedenSweden, NorwayRiksgränsen, Boden
  • INTERFLO 150 - Repbäcken - Malung (Västerdalsbanan), SwedenSwedenRepbäcken
  • INTERFLO 200 & 250 - Oresund Link - Sweden, DenmarkSweden, Denmark
  • INTERFLO 200 - Arlandabanan, SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 200 Oresundsbanan total signalling - SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 450 & 250 - Trafikverket, SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 450 - Botniabanan, SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 450 ERTMS Level 2 - Botniabanan, SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 550 Regional passenger line operation - SwedenSweden
  • IORE - Sweden, Norway Norway, Sweden
  • ITINO Diesel Multiple Unit Germany, Sweden
  • MOVIA C30 Metro – Stockholm, SwedenSwedenStockholm
  • Metro C20 – Stockholm, SwedenSwedenStockholm
  • REGINA Electric Multiple Unit - SwedenSweden
  • X2000- SwedenSweden

FLEXITY 2 Light Rail System – Gold Coast, Australia

The fast growing city of Gold Coast opened its new modern light rail transit system in July 2014.

Moving over six and a half million in their first year of passenger service, 14 low-floor FLEXITY 2 vehicles have met the needs of local residents as well as the stream of tourists. Connecting 16 stations, the 13 km route passes through many of the city’s key activity centres. Designed with Queensland's diverse population in mind, the fleet of electrically powered, low-floor trams are based on Bombardier’s highly successful FLEXITY family of light rail vehicles that combines proven technology with continuous improvement and innovation. The Gold Coast tram has been specifically styled by Bombardier’s Industrial Design team in Brisbane to include a wave motif on the cab front. The tram is 43.4 m long with seven modules for higher capacity and better passenger flow.

It features the signature blue and gold colours of the Gold Coast and is the first tram in the world designed and built to carry surf boards on specially designed racks. The vehicles are installed with the energy efficient BOMBARDIER MITRAC propulsion system and BOMBARDIER FLEXX bogies provide a smooth, comfortable ride.

Project summary:

  • Bombardier’s scope for stage 1 and 2 includes system design and supply, manufacture, delivery and fleet maintenance of the Gold Coast Light Rail vehicles
  • Bombardier together with the GoldLinq consortium delivered stage 1, and is currently undertaking stage 2
  • The system is designed to carry 75,000 passengers per day
  • Total fleet size ordered across both project stages: 18

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System Length 13 km double track
Vehicle Length 43 m
Vehicle Width 2.65 m
Average Speed 23 km/h
% low floor 100 %
Seated Passengers 80
Standees 224 (4 pass/m²)
System Map