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  • ALP-46 Electric Locomotive - USAUnited States
  • BiLevel Coaches - Canada & USAUnited States, Canada
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  • CITYFLO 550 - San Francisco, USAUnited StatesSan Francisco
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  • CITYFLO 650 - Phoenix, Arizona, USAUnited StatesPhoenix
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  • INNOVIA APM 100 – Miami, USAUnited StatesMiami
  • INNOVIA APM 100 – San Francisco International Airport, USAUnited StatesSan Francisco
  • INNOVIA APM 100 – Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, USAUnited StatesSeattle, Tacoma
  • INNOVIA APM 100 – Tampa International Airport, USAUnited StatesTampa
  • INNOVIA APM 200 – Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, USAUnited StatesDallas, Fort Worth
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  • INNOVIA Monorail – Newark, USAUnited StatesNewark
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  • INNOVIA Monorail 300 – São Paulo, BrazilBrazilSão Paulo
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  • INTERFLO 150 - Teniente 8, Chile ChileSewell
  • M-7 Electric Multiple Unit - New York, USAUnited StatesNew York
  • Metro – Mexico City, MexicoMexicoMexico City
  • Metro – San Francisco Bay Area, USAUnited StatesSan Francisco
  • Metro CTA 5000-Series – Chicago, USAUnited StatesChicago
  • Metro R142 – New York, USAUnited StatesNew York
  • Metro Subway Train "Toronto Rocket" – Toronto, CanadaCanadaToronto
  • MultiLevel Coaches - New Jersey and Maryland, USA & Montreal, CanadaCanada, United StatesMontréal
  • lNNOVIA Metro 300 – Vancouver, CanadaCanadaVancouver

FLEXITY 2 – Ghent and Antwerp, Belgium

The Flemish transport operator has placed the biggest single tram order in its history for the supply of 48 BOMBARDIER FLEXITY 2 trams for the cities of Ghent and Antwerp with Bombardier Transportation. The contract includes an option for additional 40 trams. This tram order will provide a full facelift for the networks in the two largest Flemish cities in Belgium.

Not only will the FLEXITY 2 trams replace the ageing fleet of PCC trams, they will also increase capacity. Thanks to the increased length of 20 of the new vehicles, the new vehicles can carry more passengers than the current trams. Passengers will benefit from the easy access and comfort onboard the low-floor vehicles that are equipped with multi-purpose areas for wheelchair users and storage space for bicycles and prams.

The vehicles come in different lengths and configurations. Ghent will receive 10 bi-directional seven-module vehicles with a length of approximately 43 m, able to accommodate 378 passengers. Antwerp will receive 38 uni-directional trams: 10 seven-module vehicles with a length of approximately 43 m and a capacity for 380 passengers and 28 five-module vehicles with a length of approximately 31 m, able to accommodate 266 passengers in total. The trams are 2.3 m wide and equipped with meter gauge bogies with conventional axles offering a smooth ride as well as low wear and tear of both wheels and tracks. The motorized bogies feature fully suspended motors and gearboxes to keep ground vibrations to a minimum. All vehicles are equipped with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for drivers and passengers. The passenger HVAC system features efficiency improvements such as variable CO2 controlled fresh air flow to ensure an optimized climate for the passengers.

Operator De Lijn
Length 31,430 mm / 42,660 mm
Width 2,300 mm
Max. Speed 70 km/h
Minimum horizontal curve radius 16 m
Maximum gradient 62 ‰
% low floor 100 %
Seated Passengers 72 - 108
Standees 212 - 330