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Project Name Country City
  • CITYFLO 250 - Stockholm, SwedenSwedenStockholm
  • CONTESSA Electric Multiple Unit - Denmark and SwedenDenmark, Sweden
  • FLEXITY Swift – Stockholm, Sweden SwedenStockholm
  • INTERFLO 150 - LKAB, SwedenSwedenKiruna
  • INTERFLO 150 - Malmbanan, SwedenSweden, NorwayRiksgränsen, Boden
  • INTERFLO 150 - Repbäcken - Malung (Västerdalsbanan), SwedenSwedenRepbäcken
  • INTERFLO 200 & 250 - Oresund Link - Sweden, DenmarkSweden, Denmark
  • INTERFLO 200 - Arlandabanan, SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 200 Oresundsbanan total signalling - SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 450 & 250 - Trafikverket, SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 450 - Botniabanan, SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 450 ERTMS Level 2 - Botniabanan, SwedenSweden
  • INTERFLO 550 Regional passenger line operation - SwedenSweden
  • IORE - Sweden, Norway Norway, Sweden
  • ITINO Diesel Multiple Unit Germany, Sweden
  • MOVIA C30 Metro – Stockholm, SwedenSwedenStockholm
  • Metro C20 – Stockholm, SwedenSwedenStockholm
  • REGINA Electric Multiple Unit - SwedenSweden
  • X2000- SwedenSweden

FLEXITY Swift – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Since June 2005 the Transport Authority of Rotterdam (RET) ordered a total of 64 state-of-the-art BOMBARDIER FLEXITY Swift light rail vehicles.

The first 21 vehicles are part of the RandstadRail project that links the cities of Rotterdam, The Hague and Zoetermeer. The FLEXITY vehicles are put in service by RET on the Rotterdam-The Hague section.

The three-module light rail vehicles have a total length of 42 m with a passenger capacity of 270. Passengers benefit from ventilation and air-conditioning systems, extremely low noise levels, comfortable seats, a modern informationbsystem as well as an attractive and spacious design. Video surveillance inside the vehicle will increase passenger safety. The vehicles are based on the proven concept of the 81 metros and sneltrams ordered by RET from Bombardier between 1996 and 2000 and have been adapted according to the latest European standards such as crashworthiness and fire protection. In December 2007 RET ordered 43 FLEXITY Swift vehicles of this type for operation on theErasmus and Caland lines to provide quick and comfortable transportation in the Rotterdam area.


Operator RET (Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram)
Length 42,000 mm
Width 2,664 mm
Max. Speed 100 km/h
Minimum Horizontal Curve Radius 120 m
Maximum Gradient 45‰
Seated Passengers 104
Standees 166 (4 pass/m2)