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Bm71 (Gardermoen Airport Express) & Bm73 (Signatur/Agenda) - Norway

When the new main airport for Norway opened in October 1998, NSB Gardermobanen AS put 16 new express trains from the Bm71 range into service on the new rail link from Oslo to Gardermoen Airport. The Airport Express Train (the so-called Flytoget) will cover the 48 km stretch from Oslo to Gardermoen in just 19 minutes. The trains are designed to have a low internal and external noise level. Each trainset, consisting of three cars, is equipped with 169 comfortable seats, with space reserved for wheelchair users. There is also plenty of room for luggage. In 2008 the trains will get an additional intermediate car because of the demand and can thus provide markedly increased seating capacity. . NSB, having been impressed by the reliability of the Bm71, placed an order in 1999 for 22 additional four-section trains having the designation Bm73. In contrast to their predecessors the vehicles of this class are equipped with tilting technology which ensures short journey times on Norway’s twisty tracks. All trains of this type can be composed of  a maximum of four standard units in multiple operation. The air conditioning system keeps the air in each car fresh and at a pleasant temperature. The Airport Express Train has pressure-sealed compartments, which means that it can pass through tunnels without any discomfort to the passengers. Bombardier has paid particular attention to reliability - passengers can relax in knowing that their journey will not be delayed. For this reason necessary maintenance will be guided by Life Cycle Cost and Reliability Centred Maintenance.

Operator Flytoget AS
Length 82,000 mm (3-car unit)
Width 3,048 mm
Max. Speed 210 km/h
Seated Passengers 170
regina-electric multiple unit-techdraw