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  • ALP-45DP - New Jersey Transit, USACanada, United StatesMontréal, Newark, New York
  • ALP-46 Electric Locomotive - USAUnited States
  • BiLevel Coaches - Canada & USAUnited States, Canada
  • CITYFLO 550 - Houston, USAUnited StatesHouston
  • CITYFLO 550 - San Francisco, USAUnited StatesSan Francisco
  • CITYFLO 650 - Philadelphia, USAUnited StatesPhiladelphia
  • CITYFLO 650 - Phoenix, Arizona, USAUnited StatesPhoenix
  • CITYFLO 650 - Sacramento, USAUnited StatesSacramento
  • CITYFLO 650 - San Francisco, USAUnited StatesSan Francisco
  • CITYFLO 650 - Seattle, USA United StatesSeattle
  • FLEXITY Swift – Minneapolis, USAUnited StatesMinneapolis
  • High Speed Train Acela Express - United StatesUnited States
  • INNOVIA APM 100 – Denver International Airport, USAUnited StatesDenver
  • INNOVIA APM 100 – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USAUnited StatesAtlanta
  • INNOVIA APM 100 – Las Vegas, USAUnited StatesLas Vegas
  • INNOVIA APM 100 – Miami, USAUnited StatesMiami
  • INNOVIA APM 100 – San Francisco International Airport, USAUnited StatesSan Francisco
  • INNOVIA APM 100 – Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, USAUnited StatesSeattle, Tacoma
  • INNOVIA APM 100 – Tampa International Airport, USAUnited StatesTampa
  • INNOVIA APM 200 – Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, USAUnited StatesDallas, Fort Worth
  • INNOVIA APM 200 – Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, USAUnited StatesPhoenix
  • INNOVIA Metro 200 – JFK International Airport, New York, USAUnited StatesNew York
  • INNOVIA Monorail – Newark, USAUnited StatesNewark
  • INNOVIA Monorail 200 – Las Vegas, USAUnited StatesLas Vegas
  • INNOVIA Monorail 300 – São Paulo, BrazilBrazilSão Paulo
  • INTERFLO 150 - Esmeralda, ChileChileSantiago
  • INTERFLO 150 - Teniente 8, Chile ChileSewell
  • M-7 Electric Multiple Unit - New York, USAUnited StatesNew York
  • Metro – Mexico City, MexicoMexicoMexico City
  • Metro – San Francisco Bay Area, USAUnited StatesSan Francisco
  • Metro CTA 5000-Series – Chicago, USAUnited StatesChicago
  • Metro R142 – New York, USAUnited StatesNew York
  • Metro Subway Train "Toronto Rocket" – Toronto, CanadaCanadaToronto
  • MultiLevel Coaches - New Jersey and Maryland, USA & Montreal, CanadaCanada, United StatesMontréal
  • lNNOVIA Metro 300 – Vancouver, CanadaCanadaVancouver

Double-Deck Coaches - Germany

Double-deck vehicles in Germany have a long tradition. They have been used regularly for around 100 years in regional traffic and in long-distance and night trains. 

The double-deck vehicles manufactured by Bombardier in their present-day version have also been in service with DB AG for years on regional services with great success and high levels of popularity. Since 1992, more than 1,000 vehicles have been delivered to DB AG. 

The double-deck driving coaches allow train consists to be used for push-pull operation. These modern vehicles offer travelers a high level of comfort with modern design, spacious passenger compartments, comfortable seats, air conditioning, a visual and acoustic passenger information system and speeds of up to 160 km/h. 

The double-deck coach is a further development of tried and tested vehicles. One of the key features is the increased number of windows with narrower pillars. This improves visibility and provides greater flexibility in terms of seating arrangements. The numerous innovations incorporated in the vehicle design include improved passenger entry points, particularly for wheelchair passengers (by reducing the ramp angle), greater legroom on the lower level, a newly designed luggage and coat rack system, plus a new lighting concept with individual seat lighting. 

Particular attention was placed on designing the vehicle to meet the needs of the disabled. This includes an automatically operated retractable ramp and space for wheelchairs in the vestibule with direct access to the larger toilet.

Operator Deutsche Bahn AG
Length 27,270 mm (driving coach)
26,800 mm (intermediate coach)
Width 2,784 mm
Max. Speed 160 km/h
Seated Passengers 91 (driving coach)
108 (intermediate coach)
Standees 140 (driving coach)
145 (intermediate coach)
double-deck coach-Germany-techdraw