INTERFLO 150 Mining Operation Sweden

Designed to optimise the movement of ore and freight

The efficient movement of freight 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is essential to a modern and productive resource industry. Specifically designed for industrial and mining applications, BOMBARDIER INTERFLO 150 optimises and maximises the rapid transport of raw materials to enable fully automated continuous, efficient and streamlined productivity.

As a proven hi-tech signalling solution INTERFLO 150 successfully combines industrial logistics and automation to significantly increase efficiency, capacity and safety on rail routes in the most innovative and cost effective way. This is achieved by introducing a Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) system with moving block technology which is fully automated, driverless, integrated with a mine’s loading and unloading systems and scalable to the customer’s requirements.

Bombardier is a leading provider of rail control solutions and turnkey railway system projects which have been supplied to the mining industry worldwide. This experience has been invested in the company’s highly-skilled engineers and allows systems to be installed in wide-spread remote locations ranging from the world’s largest copper reserves within Codelco in the Chilean Andes, to more recent installations in one of the world’s most automated underground mines, LKAB in northern Sweden. 

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