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MOVIA, Metro, Ankara, Turkey

The automated Ankara metro serves 12 stations

Delivering Innovative Mass Transit Solutions

The MOVIA metro system is a high-capacity mass transit solution designed to deliver and enhance mobility in cities and their surrounding areas. This environmentally-friendly, high-performing system is suitable as an urban mass transit system or for short-distance commuter rail service. Typically operating in underground tunnels, MOVIA metro systems provide high levels of service completely unobstructed by surface conditions. Their flexible and modular design permits custom vehicle configuration and interior layout to meet specific operator requirements.

MOVIA metro systems offer:

  • a choice of operation – with a driver or fully automated
  • exceptional service designed to carry 27,000 to 100,000 passengers per hour per direction
  • spacious and modern interiors with wide doors that allow passengers to safely enter and exit quickly
  • flexible train configurations (up to 8-car trains)
  • speeds up to 100 km/h
  • low internal and external noise
  • high energy efficiency resulting in low carbon emissions
  • optimized performance and low operating costs

MOVIA metros technology quick facts

  • 4,000 cars sold to 28 major cities
  • 7 billion passengers carried worldwide every year
  • Over 100 km (double track) of turnkey metro systems delivered by Bombardier


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