Light Rail Transit Systems

FLEXITY Outlook, LRV, Porto, Portugal

Porto's 60 km system connects nine municipalities

The World’s Broadest Spectrum of Light Rail Transit Solutions

Our trams, streetcars and light rail systems are reshaping modern cities across the globe. Combining innovation and proven technologies, our cost-effective FLEXITY system solutions offer high operational reliability and maintainability.

FLEXITY systems offer:

  • a cost-effective turnkey solution
  • 100% low-floor technology for easy access
  • lower energy consumption
  • easy customization
  • spacious interiors and enhanced passenger comfort
  • smooth, quiet ride

Systems can be equipped with PRIMOVE technology to enable catenary-free operation over various distances, eliminating overhead wires and increasing a city’s attractiveness. The PRIMOVE system uses MITRAC Energy Saver technology to optimize power supply, save energy and reduce operational costs.

Light Rail Transit System technology quick facts
  • More than 3,500 trams and LRVs in revenue service or on order
  • Gold Coast system delivered in 3 years
  • In a world first, Gold Coast trams are equipped with surfboard racks
  • 100% low-floor vehicles


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