Intercity Systems


The Gautrain Rapid Rail Link can carry 638 passengers per train

Rapid and Reliable City Connections  

Our extensive portfolio of regional, intercity and high-speed trains can be selected as part of a complete rail system. Our turnkey solutions ensure a more reliable delivery schedule as well as a lifecycle view for maximum efficiency.

Our intercity systems offer:

  • a cost-effective turnkey solution
  • fast and comfortable passenger travel
  • lower energy consumption
  • distinctive, aerodynamic vehicle designs
  • optimised system performance

Advanced signalling solutions such as INTERFLO and CITYFLO optimise system performance and safety.

Bombardier Intercity System technology quick facts

  • Gautrain system delivered in time for the 2010 World Cup
  • More than 850 high speed trains delivered
  • Regenerative breaking can save up to 25% of energy
  • 27 year operations and maintenance contract for the Gautrain system


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