Mid-size Automated Metros

INNOVIA Metro 300 in Vancouver

New INNOVIA Metro 300 vehicles for the Vancouver SkyTrain network

Driverless Metro for Efficient Transit Systems

The INNOVIA Metro 300 system is a driverless medium-capacity metro solution designed to meet the demands of a rigorous urban transit system. It bridges the gap between low-capacity light rail systems and high-capacity metro systems. Operating on a dedicated, slender guideway on ground level, underground or elevated, this steel wheel/steel rail system is easy to introduce into cities and urban areas. INNOVIA Metro 300 systems provide dependable service in all weather conditions, even in challenging landscapes. They have a proven record for safety, reliability and low life cycle costs.

INNOVIA Metro 300 systems offer:

  • an ideal solution for mass transit, circulator, commuter or airport link systems
  • rapid service designed carry 8,000 to 53,000 passengers per hour per direction
  • seamless urban fit with new and existing buildings and infrastructure
  • superb comfort and ride quality
  • high service levels with short journey times and predictable wait times at stations
  • speeds up to 100 km/h
  • energy efficient operation
  • ease of maintainability to allow for a lifetime of cost savings
  • a choice of propulsion for broad market application 

INNOVIA Metro technology quick facts

  • Three decades of successful operation
  • Over 700 vehicles ordered or in operation
  • 190 km (double track) of INNOVIA Metro systems delivered in eight major cities


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