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PRIMOVE eMobility Solutions

PRIMOVE makes sustainable mobility a reality

As societies face growing pressure to reduce CO2 emissions and find solutions to ongoing urbanization, the timing for clean and more sustainable forms of mobility is right. Government and municipal authorities, public transit operators, vehicle manufacturers and the general public have recognized the need for change – a change that will come through e-mobility. It is key to shifting from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources.

To be truly effective, e-mobility must be convenient, practical and cost effective. In this respect, rail transportation provides an excellent model. 

The world’s only one-stop shop for e-mobility

Our century-plus of experience in electric mobility lies behind our game-changing e-mobility solutions for road-based vehicles including buses, trucks, vans and cars.

 The complete PRIMOVE e-mobility portfolio offers vehicle manufacturers and operators a flexible package of sophisticated solutions for both electric rail and road vehicles. It includes:

  • PRIMOVE charging
  • PRIMOVE battery
  • PRIMOVE propulsion and controls

This fully integrated system of small, light and long-life batteries, fast inductive charging and highly efficient propulsion equipment enables cities to readily adopt e-mobility. It makes the shift from conventional urban transportation to clean and convenient e-mobility easy and feasible.

Plus, it’s affordable. The PRIMOVE package reduces operating costs by maximizing fast opportunity charging at very high levels of efficiency and by ensuring reliable system performance. Vehicles are powered quietly and effectively – without the noise or CO2 emissions of diesel – for a smooth, enjoyable ride.

Why chose PRIMOVE e-mobility?

  • Clean – no emissions, carbon or noxious gases for a healthier environment
  • Quiet – no noise or vibrations for greater passenger comfort
  • Invisible – no cables, wires or plugs for more attractive cities
  • Practical – small and compact products for easy maintenance and higher passenger capacity
  • Energy efficient – fast charging and minimized energy loss for reduced operating costs
  • Complete – a one-stop-shop that delivers a turnkey system solution for true e-mobility

Change the way to charge

Range and recharging constraints are the key concerns for converting from conventional diesel and combustion engines to electric power. The PRIMOVE charging system addresses these issues with a solution that is light, competitive and easy to integrate by combining opportunity charging with fast energy transfer at high power levels. Seamless integration of the charging process into existing operations ensures uninterrupted service without any need for additional fleet vehicles or batteries.

The technology behind PRIMOVE charging

PRIMOVE wireless charging is based on high power inductive energy transfer between components buried underground and receiving equipment installed beneath the vehicle. Wayside components ‘communicate’ with the vehicle to start the contactless charging process automatically as soon as the vehicle completely covers the charging segment.

The invisible system transfers energy without contact at very high levels of efficiency. E-vehicles can be charged rapidly either in motion (dynamic charging) or at rest (static charging). By eliminating the overhead cables and other wires previously needed to power electric vehicles, mass transit networks can now blend in with their surroundings. City landmarks, parks and heritage sites are left intact, minimizing visual pollution and enhancing the city’s overall charm.

Fast opportunity charging: no compromise on performance

By maximizing the concept of high power opportunity charging, the PRIMOVE system reduces total cost of ownership (TCO). PRIMOVE batteries are designed to meet urban transit needs and ensure long battery life. Unlike large batteries, their compact size has no impact on vehicle passenger capacity. Vehicle availability also remains unaffected thanks to the rapid charging process. Together this means no need to increase the size of your fleet. Wayside infrastructure and maintenance are also kept to a minimum, while wear, tear and the risk of vandalism are eliminated.

Optimized battery recharging for urban mobility

PRIMOVE battery systems have been specifically designed to meet public transport needs. Our comprehensive rail transit and e-mobility expertise lies behind our industry-leading battery systems, optimized for high power rail and road vehicles such as trams and buses.

Designed to fit

Modular and scalable, our compact and light PRIMOVE lithium-ion battery system is easily integrated into any suitable place on the vehicles. With optimized energy and power density, they charge more than three times faster and weigh 50 per cent less than comparable existing solutions.

Combining rechargeable PRIMOVE batteries with PRIMOVE fast opportunity charging provides trams and e-buses with sufficient power to operate for an entire day at minimum battery size and maximum battery lifetime.

Safe under all operating conditions

An integrated safety concept monitoring voltage, currents and temperatures, along with a redundant battery management system, ensures the batteries’ safety and reliability. By applying the highest automotive and rail safety standards, PRIMOVE batteries integrate the latest lessons learned in battery technology for maximum safety.

Reliable turnkey propulsion solution for e-mobility

Bombardier is the world’s leading provider of propulsion and control equipment for trains. Our innovative solutions set the rail industry standard for reliability and sustainability. With the

PRIMOVE propulsion and controls portfolio, we are extending our expertise to the e-mobility market. This portfolio features the reliable and versatile MITRAC e-mobility equipment ‑ delivering the highest performance and power efficiency.

Full electrification of road vehicles

Based on latest IGBT technology, our innovative MITRAC systems transform battery power and external power from an inductive or conventional charging system into AC traction power for the traction motors. It integrates sophisticated electric drivelines solutions with clever interfaces for all major components to significantly boost the overall efficiency and performance of electric vehicles.

The modular architecture of our MITRAC equipment means that customers can readily adapt the solution to their specific performance and functionality requirements. The small, light and cost effective PRIMOVE propulsion solutions offer high flexibility for easy vehicle integration and energy source connection.

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