MOVIA Maxx - High Capacity Metro Platform

Designed to provide high capacity and best value to public transport operators in the world’s fast growing cities

More than half of the world’s population already lives in urban areas and almost 180,000 people move to cities each day. This rapid urbanization, especially in Asia, Latin America and Africa, is driving the demand for high capacity, efficient and affordable urban mobility solutions.

Bombardier’s extensive research and development for the MOVIA Maxx metro has ensured that this new product platform delivers on the four most important priorities for city metro operators:

  • Maxximum valueMOVIA Maxx metro is designed to deliver best value for money in terms of passenger capacity, acquisition costs, energy consumption and availability.
  • Maxximum capacity – Large passenger loads is this metro’s key strength. Capacity is up to 374 passengers per car; that’s almost 3,000 people per eight-car train. MOVIA Maxx metro is a highly flexible solution with a scalable car body concept and train configurations of 3 to 8 cars.
  • Maxximum passenger flow – Up to four doors per side and wide doors from 1,400-1,600 mm speeds up train boarding/exiting to improve train dwell times at stations and reduce overall journey times for passengers.
  • Maxximum reliability – Durable equipment and proven systems provide low life-cycle costs, which can be reduced further with Bombardier’s service technologies.

Metro systems are unrivalled in terms of high capacity and convenience. That’s why city authorities worldwide are investing in new metro lines and upgrading existing urban rail networks. Bombardier sees metro systems as key drivers of economic growth, as well as the levers that provide social mobility and improved quality of life for citizens – factors a growing city needs in order to thrive.

The affordability of a metro system is, more than ever, a vital precondition. That’s why Bombardier has designed the MOVIA Maxx high capacity metro as the best value solution to keep cities moving.


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