MOVIA C30 Metro, Stockholm

The new MOVIA C30 Metro trains will increase Stockholm’s transport capacity and comfort

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Delivering Innovative Mass Transit Solutions

The MOVIA Metro vehicle is a high-capacity metro solution designed for rapid, efficient and cost-effective performance. With their spacious modern interior and stylish exterior design, our MOVIA Metros can be tailored to local climate conditions and assembly production. They’re also fully accessible, with wide doors and spacious gangways to facilitate comfortable passenger flow. With train configurations up to 8-car trains, they offer a range of capacity from 27,000 to 100,000 passengers per hour per direction and operate at speeds up to 100 km/h. Fully automated operation and maximum energy efficiency are made possible through our innovative CITYFLO train control and MITRAC energy saver technologies.

MOVIA Metro key features:

  • highly adaptable to local assembly and production requirements
  • selection of standardized systems and components for enhanced performance
  • an inter-car walk-through for enhanced safety and passenger flow
  • flexible seating configurations
  • advanced security features (i.e. two-way radio contact and CCTV)
  • low floors for easy access for passengers with disabilities
  • FLEXX bogie enables reduced noise, track wear and energy consumption
  • low energy consumption and optimized performance
  • up to 90% recyclability at end of life

MOVIA Metro vehicle quick facts

  • 4,000 MOVIA metro cars to date
  • carrying 7 billion passengers worldwide, every year

Highlights include:

  • 775 subway cars to San Francisco and 300 subway cars to New York
  • 1,771 MOVIA vehicles to London Underground
  • 276 fully automated MOVIA vehicles for the Singapore Downtown Line
  • 776 MOVIA metro cars for the Delhi Metro
  • delivering our 1,500th metro car to China
  • an additional 96 MOVIA C30 cars for Stockholm with an option for 80 more
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