S-Bahn Berlin, Germany

The Future of Mobility

Rapidly increasing capacity is the biggest single challenge facing all mass transit operators today. As major cities expand, so too does the demand for high capacity vehicles providing fast, efficient and comfortable urban transport. Efficient mass transit rail systems have become a prerequisite for the sustainable development of urban areas.

As the world’s leading metro manufacturer, we’re shaping the future of mass transit travel. Our high tech, high capacity metros deliver rapid, reliable and cost-effective transport solutions around the globe. We understand that that today’s metros must offer:

  • High levels of comfort in line with customers' expectations
  • High propulsion performance for short travelling times
  • Spacious entrance areas and wide doors for fast and safe boarding
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Low internal and external noise
  • Flexible designs – to accommodate increased passenger capacities in the future

Our MOVIA and INNOVIA metro trains are setting the standard for smart mobility. With spacious modern interiors and stylish exterior design, these highly reliable metros offer a proven transport solution for the world’s great cities. These flexible solutions offer customizable features and are suitable for a range of applications. 

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