TRAXX Locomotive

Europe's Choice for Rail Transportation of Freight and Passengers

With a proven track record for outstanding reliability, the BOMBARDIER TRAXX locomotive family covers all types of railway applications. Our versatile electric locomotives rank as the number one choice of rail operators throughout Europe.

Crossing Borders with Advanced Technology

Ingenious technical solutions and an in-depth understanding of varying customer needs lie at the heart of the TRAXX platform. TRAXX locomotives operate with alternating current AC, direct current DC or diesel propulsion on all standard gauge railways and in cross-border services on all important rail transportation corridors.

Meeting High Expectations

Highly affordable, TRAXX locomotives include standardized electric and diesel locomotive options. These reliable locomotives satisfy the most demanding European operators through their high availability and reliability as well as through low maintenance and life cycle costs.

Key Operator Benefits

  • TRAXX covers all types of rail applications, cross borders, in all networks
  • Proven track record for reliability
  • Low life-cycle costs and energy consumption
  • High operational availability
  • Extremely service-friendly design
  • Low wheel and track wear
  • Designed for sustainable mobility

Key Features

  • Crash-optimized carbody designed to EU standards (TSI) with increased protection for driving personnel and low repair costs
  • Latest IGBT traction power converter technology with high power efficiency
  • Modular MBS brake system with high diagnostic capability
  • Available with ETCS/ERTMS and conventional train safety systems for all rail networks
  • State-of-the-art communication systems with proven Bombardier rail electronics and diagnosis systems

Common Features of TRAXX platform locomotives

  • Same vehicle dimensions, i.e. 18.9m length for all types
  • Same overall design concepts
  • Same braking concept
  • Same bogies, traction motors and propulsion drive systems
  • Same communication systems
  • Same driver’s cab
  • Same control and diagnostics systems
  • High commonality in components and systems

TRAXX Add-on Modules

  • TRAXX AC locomotive also available with Last Mile Diesel Engine
  • Custom-tailored additional packages to meet specific operator/country requirements
  • Country packages for operation in all European countries and on key corridors
  • Propulsion modules from the innovative MITRAC TC 3300 IGBT power converter family
  • Drive systems for speeds of up to 140 km/h, 160 km/h and 200 km/h
  • Communication packages for passenger trains including train destination display and train announcement systems
  • Multiple operation and remote control with either ZMS/ZWS or WTB deo cameras, selective door controls, macrophone
  • Cool and hot box for food storage for the locomotive driver

For more information, contact:

Adrian Kurz
Director, Product Marketing

Fact File

  • Over 100,000 Bombardier locomotives and rail cars are currently in service worldwide.
  • Over 35,000 locomotives have been delivered from Bombardier’s Kassel site in Germany in the last 160 years.
  • Our Locomotives team cleverly redesigned its manufacturing process to reduce the time it takes to complete final assembly of a locomotive from 80 to just 12 days.
  • More than 1,800 TRAXX locomotives have been sold and more than 1400 are hauling freight and passenger trains for Europe’s major railways.
  • TRAXX AC Electric Locomotive
    TRAXX AC Locomotive, Germany

    The highly reliable TRAXX AC locomotive is the foundation of the entire platform of BOMBARDIER TRAXX locomotives. The members of this platform feature numerous identical elements, including the vehicle dimensions, machine room concept, brake equipment, bogies, signalling system and driver’s cab.

    TRAXX AC locomotives are modular electric locomotives incorporating three-phase asynchronous propulsion technology on standard gauge 15kV and 25 kV networks.TRAXX AC locomotives are designed to be compatible with Europe's future ETCS/ERTMS train control and safety systems. They have been homologated in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Romania and Norway.

    The TRAXX AC is manufactured in large numbers for Deutsche Bahn, SBB Cargo, BLS, CFL, MAV, many European private railway companies and leasing companies as Railpool, Alpha Trains, CB Rail and MRCE.

    In 2011, Bombardier Transportation launched the newTRAXX AC with Last Mile Diesel Engine which includes the feature of operation into non-electrified railway sidings and terminals. The new Class 187 has like all members of the TRAXX platform a modular design to accommodate the various country packages, including conventional automatic train protection systems, as well as ETCS. Five locomotives have been sold to the leasing company Railpool and will be operated by BLS Cargo. Four TRAXX AC Last Mile locomotives have been sold to Akiem, one more to SRT.


  • TRAXX DC Electric Locomotive
    TRAXX DC Locomotive

    As a platform-based product, the TRAXX DC locomotive has a high degree of commonality with the multi-systemTRAXX MS, the TRAXX AC and the TRAXX DE locomotives. This platform offers the highest levels of operational reliability and maintainability thanks to highly proven and standardized modular subsystems.

    TRAXX DC locomotives have been ordered for Italy, Spain and Poland. While these locomotives were developed specifically for freight services with a 3kV DC supply voltage, they also have all the components required for passenger services (train busbar, UIC equipment, etc.).

    In Italy, many operators have chosen TRAXX DC locomotives either being a direct customer or via a leasing agreement. DB Schenker Italia, RTC, ISC, Ferrovie Emilia Romagna, Sistemi Territoriali, Savona Port Authority, Linea and Arenaways are amongst them.

    Renfe Operadora (Spain) awarded Bombardier an order for 100 TRAXX F140 DC locomotives. They are equipped with the Spanish ASFA signalling system and, for the first time, with TRAXX broad gauge bogies.

    The leasing company Angel Trains also placed an order for the TRAXX F140 DC. This locomotive is equipped with the Italian SCMT systems and fulfills all operational requirements in Italy. As first polish operator, Koleje Mazowieckie (KM) has ordered TRAXX P160 DC locomotives for passenger transportation.

  • TRAXX MS Electric Locomotive

    The TRAXX MS locomotive is specifically designed for cross-border services. This locomotive covers all mainline applications in continental Europe under all four catenaries 15 and 25 kV AC, as well as 1.5 and 3 kV DC. It operates between Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany, and between Germany and Poland, as well as cross-border between Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. The TRAXX MS has been ordered by leasing companies, notably Railpool, Alpha Trains, CB Rail and MRCE, as well as by private and state operators. The train protection systems use the technology and core components of the ETCS, a European signalling system.

    The locomotive is based on the proven concept of theTRAXX locomotive platform:  it has a high degree of commonality with the TRAXX AC, the TRAXX DC and theTRAXX DE locomotives. It is a four-axle, multi-system 5600 kW locomotive able to operate on standard gauge railway lines. It has been homologated for freight and passengers transportation at a maximum speed of 160 km/h.

  • TRAXX DE Diesel-electric Locomotive

    The TRAXX P160 DE and the TRAXX F140 DE are the diesel-electric members of the BOMBARDIER TRAXXlocomotive platform. They are modular diesel locomotives incorporating three-phase asynchronous propulsion technology.

    The latest development is the TRAXX F140 Diesel Multi-Engine locomotive, first ordered by DB Schenker Rail. Four diesel engines, which can be independently controlled according to specific needs, make the multi-engine locomotive a universal solution that provides the appropriate power with the lowest specific fuel consumption. Since the four engines are designed to adapt to the requirements of any given situation, the multi-engine concept reduces diesel consumption. Furthermore, the engines already meet the Stage IIIB emissions standard.

    A passenger locomotive with a single engine is operated by Landesnahverkehrsgesellschaft Niedersachsen, while the freight locomotive has been ordered by the leasing company CB Rail, the French leasing company AKIEM and the operators Lotos Kolej and HVLE. Furthermore, the TRAXX DE locomotives benefit from the platform's many advantages. The level of component commonality between the TRAXX DE locomotive and the TRAXX AC locomotive is more than 70 percent. This synergy translates into considerable potential savings for operators, largely thanks to low operating and maintenance costs, and substantial savings in the provision of spare parts. Moreover, these modern diesel locomotives are characterized by a very high level of availability and reliability.