AVE, S102, Spain

Bombardier's locomotive portfolio also features innovative products for the Italian and Spanish markets, including the E464 locomotive in Italy and high speed powerheads in Spain and heavy-haul locomotives for the mining industry in Scandinavia.

The Bombardier E464 locomotive, in successful operation with Trenitalia, has achieved a leading position in Italy. It builds the largest single-vehicle fleet in Europe. Another locomotive, the EU 405 from Bombardier Transportation is in operation in Italy. The locomotive has been homologated for freight transportation at a maximum speed of 160 km/h.

Spain's special interest in high speed trains has led to key locomotive orders through a consortium between Bombardier and Talgo. More than 75 trains of the HSP 350 series and 90 trains of HSP 250 (S/130) are sold to Renfe, doing commercial service all over Spain with maximum speed up to 330km/h. One special feature is the multi-gauge bogie within the HSP 250 trains. Due to the gauge change and a multi-system power unit, the trains are able to run on both gauges: UIC measurements (1435 mm) and wide gauge (1600 mm).

The IORE locomotive for Sweden and Norway is one of the most powerful electric locomotives in the world. Two of these locomotives are always used as married pair, which permits an axle load of 30 t, a starting tractive effort of 1200 kN and a power of 10800 kW. It is designed for the transport of iron ore.

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