FLEXITY Light Rail Vehicles

FLEXITY Swift, LRV, Melbourne, Australia

Linking Cities and Regions

Bombardier's low- and high floor light rail vehicles are in successful revenue service throughout Europe including Croydon and Manchester (UK), Cologne, Bonn and Frankfurt (Germany), Istanbul (Turkey), Porto (Portugal), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Stockholm (Sweden)

More than 1,000 LRVs ordered

More than 1,000 FLEXITY Swift light rail vehicles have been ordered globally to date. They are also operated as light metro services and frequently used in underground sections. Wide double-doors ensure passengers can board and disembark quickly and easily and multi-purpose areas provide space for prams and wheelchair users.

Linking the centre of London with the eastern Docklands, the Docklands Light Railway is served by the first fully automated, driverless public transport system in the UK.

Operating 94 Bombardier-built vehicles, including a new generation of vehicles that commenced service in 2008, the system, which currently carries around 67 million passengers per annum and played a decisive part in transporting passengers to the London 2012 Olympic Games.


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