FLEXITY Freedom, LRV, Canada

The FLEXITY Freedom is the made-in-North America LRV of the future.

Whether as the mainstay of an urban transportation network, or complementing existing urban and suburban rail networks, FLEXITY Freedom offers sustainable mobility solutions to support Transit Oriented Development. The result: revitalization of urban areas, attraction of new business and transit users, and above all, improved quality of life.

Designed for passenger-friendly service

  • 100% low-floor, entirely step-free interior
  • Extra-wide 2.65m (8’ 8½”) carbody
  • Two-by-two seating and maximized aisle width
  • Easy to configure interior layout

Designed for operational flexibility

  • Adapted for urban and suburban rail networks
  • Variation of 3 and 5 module configurations
  • Trains can be either uni- or bi-directional
  • Can be coupled to form trains of up to 4 cars, yielding an overall capacity of more than 30,000 passengers per hour, per direction

Key features

  • Optional 100% catenary-free operation
  • Energy efficient design and systems
  • Combination of 100% low-floor technology and conventional
  • Axle wheel-set bogies for a significantly smoother ride
  • Modular design for easy access to components and systems


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