Intercity Trains

Perfect Connections

Intercity rail offers comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly connections from city centre to city centre. Bombardier intercity trains represent the optimum solution for travel between densely populated areas, offering attractive transportation alternatives for this expanding segment in rail passenger transportation.

Comfortable for Work, Rest and Play

Spacious compartments, separate zones for working, including Internet access, comfortable seats and modern light systems make journeys in our trains an exceedingly enjoyable and recreational travelling experience. Additional technologies, such as tilting systems and track-friendly radial steered bogies, not only reduce travel times on existing tracks, but also significantly minimise the noise level in curves.

Key Features

  • Energy saving technology, e.g. regenerative brakes for up to a 25% saving
  • Modular propulsion designs and train configuration for operational flexibility
  • Modern bogie design
  • Ease of  accessibility
  • Tilting technology for increased travelling comfort
  • Standard and wide body car design
  • Internal and external noise mimimised for passenger comfort and a healthier environment
  • Customised seat design with power sockets and optional table for working and travelling

Setting the Pace

Industry pioneers with a reputation for innovative and ground-breaking technology Bombardier has achieved many intercity/high speed transport firsts:

  • The Regina intercity train offers an unprecedented verified availability of 99.8% and 25% higher capacity than standard vehicles, including proven performance in Sweden's harsh Nordic climate. With regenerative braking technology, operators benefit from a 25% saving in energy. In 2008, this multiple-unit vehicle once again proved its versatility by setting a new speed record of 303 kilometres per hour, beating Sweden's 1-year-old record for trains.
  • By creating the first rail link to Lhasa that cuts across the world’s highest plateau, Bombardier set a milestone in train travel. To date, we have delivered 361 high-altitude railway cars with systems providing enriched oxygen and protection from ultraviolet light.


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